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2015 SVT Immersion Program
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 2/16/2015 6/22-7/21
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Silicon Valley has the best practices and the most sophisticated infrastructure for starting up a new company. SVT Angels believe any startup team can benefit from an extended stay in the valley. To provide such an opportunity, SVT Angels host the SVT Immersion Program to support startup teams in Taiwan to come to Silicon Valley for 3 months of training and mentoring, so that they are better prepared for growing their companies to the next stage.

For program details, application instructions, partners, the program FAQ and the application FAQ, please click on the title below to pull down the details.

  • SVT Immersion Program Details Open or Close

    SVT Angels will select three to five teams from the applicants and provide financial support for their expense of traveling to and staying in Silicon Valley.

    The financial support amount is up to US$11,000 per team plus $3,000 per team member but not exceeding $20,000 in total.

    In return, SVT Angels expect up to 6% of the company's equity at the end of training.

    During the three-month stay, SVT Angels will arrange 2 or more mentors to work with each team to refine the business plan and sharpen the go-to-market strategy. The mentors will spend four hours face time with team members every week to provide feedback, advice and guidance. Visits and meeting with partners, potential customers, investors will be facilitated. At the end, the team will join one of the demo days arranged by SVT Angels.

    Further details will be available for the awarded applicants.

  • SVT Immersion Program Application Instructions Open or Close

    1. Enter the company name, email address, business type,  business keywords, recommending institutions and current funding.

    2. Enter founder's information. You can enter up to four founders' information. For each founder, please list: name; email address; degree; and working experience. Please answer yes/no for "Able to spend three months in Silicon Valley." and "Will be full-time if the business is funded." based on each founder's situation. Also, please provide current company/institution information. It's important to provide your nationality.

    3. Upload files:

    a. The company and founder Summary (less than five pages, pdf file).

    b. Abstract (less than 200 words, pdf file).

    c. Business Plan (no more than ten slides, pdf file).

    d. Recommendation letters (Optional, pdf file). 

    e. The company and founder video link (Optional, no more than three minutes).

    f. The product demo video link (Optional, nor more than three minutes).

  • Partners of SVT Immersion Program Open or Close

    The following are the organizations which are partners of SVT Immersion Program. You are welcome to work with them in your application if you think it will be helpful.  

    Organization Email
    Taipei Computer Association
    Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
    Epoch Foundation
    National Taiwan University (NTU)
    National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)
    National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)
    National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)
    Taiwan Startup Stadium
  • SVT Immersion Program FAQ Open or Close

    Q: If we miss SVT Immersion Program this time, when will be the timeline for the next SVT Immersion Program?

    A: The next Immersion Program will be started in the spring next year. The exact date will be decided at the beginning of next year. Typically, there are two Immersion Programs a year. One in the spring and one in the fall.

    Q: We’ve already taken some funding. Can we still apply?

    A: Sure, no problem.

    Q: Do we need a complete team to apply for the SVT Immersion program?

    A: Not necessarily at this stage. To be successful, you do need a complete team essentially.

    Q: Can we do it without moving to Silicon Valley?

    A: Sorry, no. We believe Silicon Valley is a unique place for start-up companies and is hard to be duplicated. Also, our mentors are here.

    Q: Why we are not being accepted?

    A: We will take your application only if there are two Angels or more in our group who are willing to mentor your project. It is a competition, mentor expertise, preference, and bandwidth issue.

    Q: Will you sign an NDA? How do I know my idea is protected?

    A: No, we will not sign an NDA. Venture capitalists in Silicon Valley do not sign NDA with startup teams since similar ideas are floating around, and the key to success is execution. However, the information you provide will only be shared on a need-to-know basis. We also encourage you not to disclose any proprietary information.

    Q: Will SVT Angels make a direct investment into my company?

    A: SVT Angels is not an investment fund therefore it will not be able to invest cash into the company. However, the individual angels or their affiliated organizations may consider an investment if the company shows promising future.

    Q: Will SVT help me raise my next round of financing?

    A: It is not part of the program. But we think the program will indirectly benefit your goal of raising next financing.

    Q: My team is not located in Taiwan, can I apply?

    A: Currently we only accept the application from Taiwan and Silicon Valley.

    Q: My company has been in business for a while, can I apply?

    A: Yes, if you think your company can be benefited by this program.

    Q: Do I have to be a Taiwan or US company to apply?

    A: Taiwan, US, or offshore registered companies are all welcome.

    Q: My business is not in high tech, but in food, or agriculture, can I apply?

    A: The angels know lots of fields but may not know all. If you believe we can be helpful, please apply.

    Q: My target market is not the USA, should I apply?

    A: By all means, if you think this program can benefit you.

    Q: Can I submit multiple applications?

    A: We suggest you to choose the most promising one to apply.

    Q: Should I come over to make a personal pitch to SVT Angels?

    A: We will only select the finalists from the applications submitted through the web.

    Q: I am not proficient enough in English, shall I apply?

    A: Find an English tutor immediately. Your gain from this program will be much less if you cannot converse comfortably in English.

    Q: Three months is too long for us, can we stay shorter?

    A: We believe three months will help you truly immerse into Silicon Valley's culture. If you cannot commit to three months, we suggest you wait until your schedule allows.

    Q: Will we have workspace?

    A: Yes

    Q: What is the arrangement for travel, accommodation, insurance, or local transportation?

    A:SVT will provide the minimum support. Anyone who has traveled abroad knows how to take care of the arrangements. But you should only worry about it when you are chosen as a finalist. 

  • Program Application FAQ Open or Close

    Q: Where can we apply for the SVT Immersion Program?

    A: You have to register as a program member to be able to submit your application through this site. Login will enable "Application Center" tab, which is the place you can upload your application forms and other application information.

    Q: Do we have to register to apply for the program?

    A: Yes. You have to register as a program member to be able to submit your application online. You can only use the online application for this program.

    Q: Does every team member need to register for the SVT Immersion Program?

    A: No. One team only requires one member account. The same member account can be used for all SVT Angels programs.

    Q: Why "123" is rejected in password setting?

    A: Password needs to be at least six characters.

    Q: When "SUBMIT" button is clicked, a "File extension not allowed!" error message showed up. Wheat does the error message mean?

    A: "File extension not allowed!" error message means the file extension you are trying to upload is not allowed. Please check the file upload window and check the required file types. Delete the original selected file and select a right type file to upload. 

    Q: When we log in again (or refresh the page), all previously filled data in the application form are removed. Is there a way to restore our previous data?

    A: Unfortunately, No. For the security protection reason, the design of the website doesn't allow data restore from the database.

    Q: Our team has more than five founders. Whom should we pick to fill the founders' information page in the application form?

    A: Please enter the three founders who will participate the program in Silicon Valley first. Then, add two others as backups.

    Q: If we have questions or issues in applying our account or uploading our applications, whom we should communicate with?

    A: Please send an email to or leave a message at Guestbook.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..